Friday, July 26, 2013

Video: Ghost River, Ontario

Source: Vimeo
Man, I can’t believe the summer is already half over.  I hope all you boaties have been getting out and making the most of this year’s boating season.  If your life has been anything like mine lately you have an itch to get out on the water that you just can’t seem to scratch.  Hopefully the video after the jump can offer a little motivation for you to plan an aquatic adventure while there is still some summer left.  In a desperate attempt to get some much needed family time, Boatieblog is packing up the canoe and heading to the mountains of North Carolina for the next week.  We’ll do our best to capture some good stories to share with you.

Check out the video of the Ghost River Camp near Sioux Lookout, Ontario after the jump; and don’t forget to leave us a comment of your favorite boating escape so far this summer.

Source: Michael Griffey on Vimeo


  1. have fun, as far as a story motor boating its the only boating I have been able to do (if you know what I mean)

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